Explanation of the MEYO application and profit from it | Earn money

Earn from the MEYO May application

Earn from the MEYO application

What is the application of MEYO

The May or MEYO application is a popular acquaintance application where your residence or country provides you with all races and religions in order to get acquainted with their living and daily lives with people you do not know or have not seen in your life, and also inside it I distinguished a live audio broadcast that you can speak in a direct voice with many people  And good and even talk to normal text messages.

 There are many features such as group text chat through groups within your country.

 And the MEYO application offers fictional profits only from invitations to your friends to download the application and work on it, and we will address this topic in the other part of the article.

Earn money from the MEYO app

First, we have to download the application for Android or iPhone from here ⬇️

 Don't forget the invitation code to get 60 gold coins

 Haki is better than meyo

 Invitation code: S0MOYL

 ➡️ Application link ⬅️

 Invitation code: YDK2SE

 ⬅️ Application link ➡️

 Secondly, you register in the application via Facebook, a Google account, or an iPhone account if you have an iPhone.

Third, fill in your correct data, because there is a money transfer, and fake data should not be put.

 Fourth, your application opens in its natural form, and it is also possible for people to welcome you and from your country to talk to you, and they are real people and experts in the application. They may help you understand how to work for acquaintance, but here I will teach you how to earn money from it.

 Fifthly, you go to your account data, where it is registered in Arabic (me), and you click on invite friends to earn money, and a code appears for you to activate it with your friends that you want to invite, but I advise you to click on publish and copy the link and publish it in order to register and calculate a referral for you and earn jewelry from the application on Register through you, and even when he enters again on the second day, you also win, and if you charge with the application, you win more.

 Note: Your balance is gold in an application that is spent when you speak private text messages. Pay attention.

 Method of withdrawing profits

 When you collect the gold and want to withdraw your profits, you go to your personal profile and get confused about withdrawing the profits and choose the package on which you collected the gold. For the first time, make sure of an email and activation, and then it will be transferred automatically and quickly.


 A very profitable application in terms of referrals only, and also beautiful for acquaintance, and you can collect and earn abundant money from the Internet, only from the phone, and you only give your friends.

 Any questions or inquiries, leave it in the comments, and it will be answered as soon as possible.



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