Reduce black circles under eyes

Reduce black circles under eyes 

Aging, tired , allergies and genetics causes some black circles under your eyes .. we are here to help you reduce the dark appearance under eyes circles with home remedies..

Treatments depend of the cause of your black circles .. however there are some home remedies may help you reduce this problem 

1. Soak with cold tea bags 

Tea contains Caffeine and antioxidants that help your under eye blood circulation stimulate .. cold tea bags may reduce swelling and dilated blood vessels and will reduce the puffiness and the darkness under eyes 

Soak two of green or black tea in a hot water for 15 minutes, then let them cold or you can iced , once they get cold apply your tea bags on your closed eyes for 10 or 20 minutes then you have to remove them and rinse your eyes Verry well with cool water 

 2. Potatoes 

Potatoes are a source of vitamin C, which helps lighten the skin and get rid of dark circles around the eyes, by grating some potatoes and extracting some juice from them, then soaking a piece of cotton in the juice, and placing it in the dark. Spin for 10 minutes, then wash the face with warm water. Repeat the recipe for a positive result

3. Mint leaves 

Mint contains refreshing properties and helps to feel relaxed and get rid of dark circles, by crushing a few mint leaves with water and forming a paste and placing it on dark circles for 10 minutes, then washing the face with cold water and repeating the recipe on a daily basis for a week to get a positive result


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